The date is also August 16, 2020. This next capture is going to be extremely difficult to see. The entity in this video is literally going
to be in frame for a blink of an eye. The time it takes for us to blink is approximately a tenth of second and that is all the time it
takes for this fleeting manifestation to make an appearance and instantly disappear. Because it “zips” across frame and appears to change or morph its shape during flight I will now refer to it as the “Zip Morph Entity”. I have zoomed in and slowed down the video to give you a better opportunity to see this high speed entity. This is the third anomalous life form I have caught on camera at this paranormal hot spot on this day. I have created two other videos of the creatures that were active at this site. They are called “ The Bat Chevron Entity” and “Return Of The Yellow Chevron Entity”. After shooting many hours of footage at this location this is the only time I have ever noticed this type of high speed manifestation. Of course as quickly as these things move I could have overlooked many go their fly bys. There appears to be a community or ecosystem of anomalous life forms that live some sort of sped up or accelerated existence relative to ours at this place of high strangeness. Again there are a lot more questions than answers that I have concerning the strange creatures that have been caught on camera in this unique place along the banks of the Chippewa River in northwestern Wisconsin. Feel free to leave your comments, questions, and observations about what you have seen in “The Zip Morph Entity” here at Creepy Encounters.”