The paranormal hotspot that I discovered in Wisconsin in August 2019 is the gift of high strangeness that keeps on giving. Better said maybe it “allowed” me to discover it. On Sept. 22, 2021 I was able capture a fast flying airborne object that quickly emerged from the edge of the bank on the Chippewa River. This
anomalous high speed object made a sharp left hand one hundred and eight degree turn before disappearing into the ground at the base of a white oak tree. It does this without ever appearing to decelerate and disappears literally as a flash. This is one of many strange life forms, entities, energies, etc. that manifest around and at times on this white oak. Hence the name “The HauntedOak”. After viewing hundreds of hours of footage this object like many others only appear once never to be seen again. You can view “The Haunted Oak Entity” here on my website on my “Caught On Camera” page.