This paranormal hotspot in Wisconsin continues to manifest “Things” I have never seen before. One of my static cameras set back in the woods about fifty feet from the Chippewa River captured a small flying object that exhibited “behavior” that have never witnessed before in the outdoors. A white amorphous object appears at left of frame. It angles down towards the ground cover at high speed where it comes to a dead stop. Then it rotates to the left at ninety degrees and appears to accelerate in a downward motion and disappears into the ferns at the bottom of frame. I don’t see any wings or other anatomical features that would explain its ability to stop on a dime without first hitting a solid object. It does not appear to contact any of the plants on the ground before it makes its curious turn. The title of the video is “Motate & Rotate”. You can view it here on my website on my “Caught On Camera” page.