In my previous videos we have seen winged entities of various shapes and sizes appear to fly straight into the ground without ever slowing down or hovering to land. It is as if they are absorbed into the ground and aren’t harmed by what appears to be a high speed impact with the earth itself. In this video you are going to see a winged entity enter the scene from upper left of frame and appear to fly not around but through the solid trunk of a tree. Is this another example of the anomalous creatures that appear to defy the laws of physics and fly into and through solid objects at this paranormal hot spot? Or is this just a trick of the eye or an artifact associated with the operation of the camera that fools the observer into believing the creature flew though the tree trunk. I am skeptical and yet try to be objective when I produce these videos. It is entirely possible that the entity in question flew across the surface of the tree trunk and that this nothing more than a videographic illusion. I’m not sure this is the case but I approach all of these observations with an open mind. There have been so many anomalous entities that I have caught on camera at this paranormal hot spot that I did not want to dismiss it as an outright impossibility. What I have come to learn about this mysterious site is that the impossible can indeed become possible. Please feel free to leave your comments, suggestions and analysis here at Creepy Encounters.