The date is August 12, 2020. I continue to capture a wide variety of what I believe to be anomalous life forms on camera in this paranormal hot spot in northwestern Wisconsin. In this video you will see a physical interaction between the Tendril and Chevron Entities. If you are not familiar with either of these strange creatures I would suggest you take a look at a couple of my videos to get you up to speed. The title of those videos are “The Tendril Entity” and “The Chevron Entity” and can be found here at my “Caught On Camera” page. In my previous videos I have recorded footage of both entities individually, but never have they appeared in frame at the same time. In this video not only are both entities present, but they actually come in physical contact with each other. At the end of the video during my final commentary you will see a second long “tendril”. It like the other tall tendril at the left side of frame behaves very strangely compared to the surrounding vegetation. As you may recall from my earlier videos that when the Tendril Entity appeared it had two tendrils. That is not unlike what you are seeing in this video. Maybe this are just normal plants that are native to this area of northwestern Wisconsin and there is nothing of a paranormal nature going on here. But I have to ask the question. Is there a specie of plant that can independently and quickly move on their own accord like we have witnessed in this video? Is the Tendril Entity using the surrounding vegetation as camouflage and is hiding in plain sight? Was it a mere coincidence that out of all the plants that were in frame that the Yellow Chevron Entity just happened to clip the end of the tendril? I have more questions than answers about the weird things that have been caught on camera in this paranormal hot spot. Feel free to leave your comments, questions, and observations here at Creepy Encounters.