The date is August 18, 2020. I have placed a static camera about twenty feet away from the “Haunted Oak Tree” to record some footage of the area around this hub of high strangeness. My wife and I are fishing in the background about thirty yards upstream from the camera on the Chippewa River. Many odd manifestations have occurred around the Haunted Oak and today we will have to add another one to that list. If you look very carefully at the footage you will see a thin silver object dart down from the upper right of frame and disappear into the vegetation along the bank. It is traveling so quickly some of you watching the video might have some difficulty seeing it until I slow down the footage. It is only in the picture for three frames or a tenth of a second. I have frozen all three frames for careful analysis. The second frame has the best resolution. The organism if you want to call it that looks like a damselfly. The damselfly is a close relative of the dragonfly. Both are flying insects known to inhabit aquatic habitats like you would find near the Chippewa River. After closely examining the footage dozens of times I don’t know of any damselfly and quite frankly any insect that can fly at that speed and velocity and simply disappear in a literal “ lash” into the vegetation. This anomalous organism does not decelerate and hover before it finds a spot to land. It behaves much like the “Chevron Entities” that I have caught on camera in my recent videos that appear to be “absorbed” into the ground. I don’t have to remind myself that every time I enter the site to conduct my research that these strange life forms could be dangerous and predatory. I am not trying to be melodramatic, but the reason why I happened upon this location was due to a strange and frightening incident where I believe a wild turkey was attacked by a group of anomalous luminous objects in August of 2019. The footage of those objects and the story that explains what happened can be found on my video “The Chippewa River Encounter”. That video can be viewed here on my “Caught On Camera” page. Could what I now call the “Silver Dart” impact the flesh of an animal or even a human being and cause physical harm? What would happen if a swarm of these ‘silver darts” were to direct their attention towards an animal like a wild turkey and attack it with enough kinetic energy to damage or even kill it? The silver dart in this video reminds me of some the objects I saw at a distance on “The Chippewa River Encounter” that were flying in and out of the site where the turkey was attacked. I know I am really getting out there on the end of the “Woo Woo” limb, but it is something to think about. I will be posting many more videos in the future of other other bizarre “ things” that I have caught on camera at this paranormal hotspot. Please feel free to leave your comments, questions, and observations about what you have seen in this video here at