If there is one thing that has been consistent about what has manifested at this site is that these strange life forms appear and disappear in many instances in a blink of an eye. The majority of these anomalies that I have “Caught On Camera” are flying at extremely high speeds. It is if they live in a world where their existence is accelerated relative to ours. The entity in this video is no different and is only visible within the frame for two tenths of a second. It may be difficult for some viewers to see it at the normal frame rate of thirty frames per second, so I have slowed down the video to 10% and have frozen each frame for better viewing. The entity first appears at the upper right corner of frame and flies diagonally to the left and disappears at what I now call “ The Haunted Oak”. This white oak tree in many instances has been the hub for many of the strange manifestations that have occurred in this location. In the first frame I have frozen you will note that the entity is shaped like a chevron. Therefore, I now have dubbed it the “Chevron Entity”. This is the first of several other” Chevron Entities” I have recorded at this location. All of them fly at high speeds and velocities. I have seen no evidence that they decelerate or hover as they approach the ground. They simply disappear and are absorbed in to the earth without a trace. I will be posting videos in the future where you will see other Chevron Entities that are much closer to the camera and easier to analyze. Feel free to share your comments, observations, and analysis of what you have seen in this video.