In the previous video “The Chevron Entity” an anomalous creature was caught on camera flying at a high rate of speed that disappears near the “Haunted Oak Tree”. I gave it the name “The Chevron Entity” due to its chevron shape. I have recorded footage of similarly shaped winged entities in flight at this location where there appears to be an ecosystem of strange life forms. I now refer to many of these as chevron entities even though they may not have that characteristic chevron shape. In this video you are going to see a chevron entity that is close to the camera. It enters the scene at the top right of frame and flys on a diagonal path down into the ferns on the forest floor. It doesn’t appear to decelerate or hover as it approaches the ground. It simply disappears as if it has been absorbed into the earth. I have frozen a few frames of the video so you can get a better look at the entity. It appears to be somewhat shaped like a bat so I have now given it the moniker “The Bat Chevron Entity”. After reviewing the video several dozen times I have come to the conclusion that this not a bat, insect, bird, leaf or any other type of flora or fauna that I am familiar with that is native to the forests of northwestern Wisconsin. It is one of what I believe to be some kind of community of strange life forms that inhabit this unique spot along the banks of the Chippewa River. Feel free to share your comments, questions, and observations of what you have seen in this video here at creepy