“The date is August 16, 2020. I have returned to Wisconsin almost exactly a year to the day that my wife and I had our strange encounter with some kind of anomalies or entities that I believe attacked a wild turkey near the banks of the Chippewa River. For those of you who are interested and need some background information concerning the attack I encourage you to watch the “The Chippewa River Encounter” here on my “Caught On Camera” page. I came back to the site of the attack to conduct additional investigations to see if by chance I could capture footage of the anomalies/entities that I hoped still resided at this location. It wasn’t very long before I discovered that this location is indeed “infested” with a wide variety of anomalies, entities, and strange life forms. I set up a static camera on the exact spot where the turkey was attacked. As you will see I recorded footage of some kind of entity or living creature that has two long arms or tendrils. I will let the video speak for itself but at this point in time I don’t have any idea of what was actually caught on camera. I look forward to your analysis, questions, and observations about the “ The Tendril Entity”.