Many of the strange manifestations that I have “Caught On Camera” seem to center around a specific white oak tree on the edge of the Chippewa River. The spot where the turkey was attacked in August of 2019 is approximately fifty feet to the left of the trunk of the oak tree. While viewing the video you will see a “tendril” and a white flash directly above it quickly appear and disappear on the right side of the tree trunk. After close examination of the footage the “white flash” appears to be some kind of insect. They have wings that are very reflective. Also, they accelerate and fly at incredible speeds and velocities. That coupled with their incredibly fast wing beats make them appear to look like fast moving luminous objects or orbs. During the introduction portion of the video you will notice these quickly moving or stationary pulses of light. The majority of these are indeed these strange “insects”. I am an entomologist and in all of the years that I have been studying and observing insects in the field I have never seen any insect demonstrate these kinds of flight characteristics. They appear to be mechanical or even robotic in their behavior and abilities. I will be analyzing and providing additional information and footage in the future concerning these unidentified life forms. In my video “The Chippewa River Encounter” you will see some slow motion footage of some small white colored objects that fly in and out of the area where the wild turkey was attacked. They do this at extremely high speeds. I referred to them in the “The Chippewa River Encounter” as “Dash Orbs” because they looked like small balls of light zipping in and out of the site of the attack. I now believe that these could be the same “insects” that exhibit those luminous qualities in “The Haunted Oak”. I will now refer to them as “Dash Organisms” or D.O.’s. In this video the “Dash Organism” appears from the left side of the oak trunk and in a split second disappears behind the the right side of the trunk with lightning speed. All of this happens in six frames or 0.2 seconds. It appears that there may be some sort of relationship that exists between these “tendrils” and D.O.’s. It is possible that these these two “life forms” may be some kind of predators based on what my wife and I experienced in August of 2019. Mere speculation on my part, but it is something I consider whenever I revisit the site. The oak tree itself may or may not be “haunted” but in future videos you will see some really strange manifestations that occur on or near this white oak. Feel free to share your comments, observations, and analysis of what you have seen in the the video here at creepy