This is a follow up video to the “The Tendril Entity” where a strange creature, life form, however you want to classify it was caught on camera near the banks of the Chippewa River in Wisconsin on August 16, 2020. The entity in the first video appears to have two arms or appendages that rise above the vegetation and then quickly retract in a downward motion and disappear. In this video you will again see the two tendrils make a quick striking horizontal movement and retract back behind the vegetation. It appears that this second sighting is located on or near the same spot where the Tendril Entity made its first appearance. You will also notice that a couple of seconds after the tendrils retract a small luminous object dives into the very spot where the tendrils disappear. Based on the evidence I believe this could be the same creature that appeared in “The Tendril Entity”. The banks of the river in this location are covered with some unidentified species of grass. I have analyzed several hours of footage of this grass waving, dancing, and bending back and forth in the wind. The skeptic inside of me wonders if what we are seeing in this footage is a couple of long blades of grass bending over due to the wind and appearing in the small opening in the vegetation. May be due to some unidentified recording artifact or anomalie with my iPhone Pro Max it might make the tendrils appear to be briefly frozen in place before they retract back in to the cover. Is it a coincidence that this entity appears to have two tendrils or appendages like the anomalous life form that was captured on camera in “ The Tendril Entity”? In regard to the orb or small ball of light, this is one of many recordings I have made of these luminous objects.There appears to be a relationship between these “orbs” and the other strange creatures, entities, life forms, energies, etc. that manifest at this location. I will be posting future videos that include these orbs as well as an array of other weird happenings that I have caught on camera at this paranormal Disneyland. Feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and analysis of what you have observed in this video here at Creepy Encounters.