During my visit to the UFO Watch Tower near Hooper, Colorado in June of 2018 I asked the nice lady (Annie), who worked at the gift shop some questions about where would some of the best spots be to look for UFO’s in the San Luis Valley. In all seriousness she said, “Right here where the Watch Tower is located”. She was absolutely correct, because in the days that followed we had some of the strangest encounters not far from the Tower.

I also asked her if any other odd occurrences had taken place in or around the Watch Tower itself. She immediately said yes that just a few days before a tourist in her early teens, had been standing on the viewing deck and snapped a couple of pictures. She shared them with Annie who was kind enough to pass them along to me. To the young photographer’s surprise a dark amorphous cloud-like figure appeared in the second image. She told Annie that she did not see it at the time she took the photo.

A number of psychics who have visited the UFO Watch Tower claim that there is a vortex located right at that very spot on the east side of the Tower where this photographic anomaly had appeared. Supposedly these psychics did not know one another but still pinpointed that very spot as the location for the vortex.

I will also note that the cloud-like anomaly, appears to have some sort of pattern on its surface, that somewhat looks like the pattern of the holes on the fencing that covers the deck.

I really don’t have any idea of what I am looking at here. Is it a camera malfunction, computer graphics, a shadow, trick of light, or just one of the many strange, and unexplained things that occur in the “Mysterious Valley”?

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