This is the raw footage of the odd events that were recorded on my 4Sight Dash Cam near Skinwalker Ranch on the evening of July 11, 2018. 

“My brother and I were parked at the intersection of 4000S and 6500E which is approximately 1 mile south of the eastern entrance to Skinwalker Ranch. The sun had just set and there were thunderstorms in area. The skies were cloudy with a strong wind howling out of the east northeast. The unsettled weather conditions certainly added a creepy feel to the evening coupled with the unnerving realization of how close we really were to this enigmatic paranormal hotspot. We had decided that we would “camp out” in this spot for a few hours to see if we might be fortunate enough to experience something out of the ordinary. I was sitting in the drivers seat and my brother was in the passengers seat of my car. My 4Sight Dash Cam was turned on and my brother was tasked with pressing the Event Button if we wanted to record anything of interest that might take place in front of the vehicle.

We had not been there very long, before I noticed a amorphous blue colored image appear in front of my brother. It was outside the windshield and was suspended about a foot over the hood of the car. It looked like it was about two feet tall, and two feet wide. It was there for only a brief second and quickly disappeared. I knew that I had not imagined it and asked my brother to press the Event Button to capture and record what I had seen.

When you view the footage you will note a roaring sound and that it is difficult to hear the two of us talking. That roaring sound was the wind as it entered the vehicle through the passenger window. I also suggest that you take the time to watch the video in complete darkness. There are several unexplained “purple colored flashes” that dart across the screen at various times that are difficult to see under normal lighting conditions. Following, are time stamps and a description of what I observed while watching the video several dozen times:

00.13 A small light flashes in the sky above and to the right of the lights from the farm down the road.

00:25 Lightning flashes left side of frame.

00:40 An image on the right hand side of the screen appears. It looks like it has some kind of protrusion, and reminds me of the suckers that you would find on the tentacle of a squid or octopus.

00:41 For some unknown reason, I open the drivers side door. You can hear the open door signal dinging because the keys are still in the ignition.

00:42 A purple colored flash shoots across the “octopus image” from the lower left towards the upper right of frame.

00:46 You hear the driver side door slam shut.

00:50 I turn on the headlights, and the “octopus image” immediately disappears. Then small white “sparkles” briefly appear left of frame a few feet over the pavement on the road.

00:55 I turn the headlights off. I have only one parking light that works on the drivers side of the car. You will notice the yellow glow from tha parking light illuminating the area in front of the vehicle.

1:05 A light colored purple flash appears in the upper right hand corner of frame. It happens very quickly and is better seen in a room that is dark.

1:09 Light purple flash appears in about the four o’clock position of frame.

1:38 A purple streak or flash appears again moving from top to bottom of frame in about the five o’clock position.

1:43 A noticeable increase in wind speed occurs. It gets a lot louder in the vehicle from the force of the wind entering the passenger side window.

1:45 An orange-colored “orb” appears from below the hood moving right to left quickly disappearing into the darkness.

1:58 Purple colored “entity” materializes on the right side of the screen for approximately one second and dematerializes.

2:07 Video clip ends.

As previously mentioned the only thing I observed was that blue image. I believe that the purple colored “entity” that appeared at 1:58 is what I saw and prompted me to ask my brother to push the Event Button. Why does it appear purple in the video? I am not sure, but I did a test with a blue light. I suspended it over that same area of the hood of my car and recorded it with my 4Sight Dash Cam. The recorded clip did show the light and its color was indeed blue. Certainly not a scientifically valid test, however, I wanted to see if there was an inherent artifact associated with the dash cam that might make blue colors recorded at night appear to be purple.

There was a lot going on during this two minute and seven second clip that we were totally unaware of. It was as if we were being monitored, scanned, or observed in a very clandestine manner. The orange colored “orb” at 1:45 appears from below, and rises up over the hood of my car. If you pause the video at the appropriate spot you will see that the light from the orb is reflected off the hood of my vehicle. Also just two seconds before the orb appears the wind speed increases dramatically. Is it possible that the increase in wind speed and the emergence of the orb are related? Could whatever was observing us also influence the meteorological environment around the car? Was there some sort of cause and effect relationship with the production of the orb requiring an increase in wind speed, before it was “released” in front of my car? Or was this some sort of display that we should have noticed at the time it was produced, to frighten the two of us and cause us to leave the area? If that were so, it didn’t work. Because neither one of us saw the orb.

I am curious about the purple flashes. I have recorded dozens of clips at night with my dash cam, and this is the only one that contained those flashes. The  purple flashes preceded the appearance of the the “orb” and “entity”. Were the purple flashes some sort of mechanism used to construct or instruct the release of the orb and entity?

There is a lot to chew on here in this short clip. But it also makes me wonder. If all of these strange things that occurred were recorded in a matter of a couple minutes. What else was happening around us in the dark that we were not aware of during the many hours we spent investigating that lonely and creepy intersection just south of Skinwalker Ranch.