This video footage shows my walk along the bank of the Chippewa River just a few minutes after my wife and I witnessed what we believe was an attack on a Wild Turkey by some mysterious luminous orbs/entities.

I want to emphasize that we did not understand what we were looking at during the time of the attack. While I was reviewing the footage later that evening I noticed the strange orbs and light anomalies that were present in the video.

For the full story I would suggest you review the videos “Chippewa River Encounter (Edited)” and “Chippewa River Encounter (Unedited)”.

I was cautiously making my way through the long grass on the edge of the woodline believing that “something” had attacked a turkey.

The first red arrow at time stamp 00:25 shows the approximate location where the attack occurred. At time stamp 0:52 the red arrow marks the spot where a “luminous mass” only minutes before was exhibiting a flashing and pulsing type of activity in the undergrowth. It would respond with this type of “behavior” as small orbs would quickly enter and leave this “entity”.

As I carefully reviewed the video I noticed two instances where a quick flash of light or some sort of energy/plasma exited a leafless twig at a very high rate of speed. At first glance, I thought it was an insect flying off the twig, but the more I studied it I wasn’t convinced that it was just an insect. The first instance occurs at time stamp 1:08. The camera is quickly panning to the left as the “energy” quickly exits the twig from left to right. The second instance occurs at time stamp 2:57 where you see a much more apparent luminous flash that exits the twig this time traveling from right to left.

Upon entering the scene of the attack you will notice a variety of turkey feathers scattered about the area. Several of the feathers were located under as well as on top of the vegetation. The turkey was nowhere to be found. I returned a couple of days later to further investigate the site and measured the size of the disturbed area. It was elongated in shape and was approximately four feet wide and six feet long. During that second visit, I also discovered another site where the vegetation was flattened and disturbed. It was approximately twenty feet away from the first site and directly behind the area where the “luminous mass” was located. It was about half the size of the original site and also contained a variety of turkey feathers but not as many as the larger disturbed area. I could be mistaken as to the exact location of the luminous mass and it quite possibly may have been located in that second attack site.

At time stamp 4:00 I noticed a curious movement in the vegetation on the forest floor. Right above the tip of the red arrow, you will see something that is green in color quickly “fold-down” vertically from top to bottom. It kind of reminds me of a door closing to hide or shield something. This is possibly a natural occurrence, however, this is a movement I have never seen before in the forest. I did not notice it when I was at the site, but it jumped out at me while I was reviewing the footage.

Were these visible flashes from the leafless twigs some kind of remnant bits of energy or plasma that remained at the scene after the attack? While the orbs that were entering and leaving the luminous mass in the undergrowth from the original “Chippewa River Encounter” video appeared to be traveling towards the luminous object in the forest canopy it makes me wonder if their origins actually were from somewhere below. Were these telltale visible flashes of light an indication that the true source of these anomalies may originate from somewhere on the forest floor or from inside the earth itself? Most importantly if this combination of luminous predatory orbs/entities did indeed attack and cause a Wild Turkey to disappear is it possible that a human being could suffer that very same fate? With all of the missing person cases that have occurred over the past several decades in our state and national forests, I have to wonder if there are paranormal causes associated with some of these disappearances. The “Chippewa River Encounter” has left me open to that disturbing possibility.