This footage was once again captured in what I believe to be a paranormal hotspot near the banks of the Chippewa River in northwest Wisconsin in August 2020. I have set up a static camera just downstream from the “Haunted Oak Tree”. In this video you are going to see two life forms that I call “Dash Organisms” or D.O.’s for short. I have given them this name because of their ability to “dash” across the frame at extremely high speeds and velocities. There are two of them in this video. The first D.O. will emerge from the ride side of frame and make a left hand turn and fly at a tremendous speed over the camera. As it passes overhead you will hear a distinctive whoosh or whizzing sound followed by a distinctive click. The second D.O. appears a couple of seconds later and disappears very rapidly at upper left corner of frame. Another whoosh or whizzing sound precedes its appearance. Like the other entities we have seen manifest at this area of high strangeness these are flying so fast it may be difficult to see them at normal speed. I have slowed down the video at various times so you can get a better opportunity to analyze their behavior. You can find this video as well as the rest of my videos here on my “Caught On Camera” page.”