The date was June 28, 2018. My brother, niece, and I had been traveling for the past couple of days on our three week journey to investigate three paranormal hotspots in the western United States. The three areas that we planned to investigate were the San Luis Valley near Crestone, Colorado, ECETI Ranch and Mount Adams area near Trout Lake, Washington, and the area around Skinwalker Ranch and Uinta Basin near Fort Duschene, Utah.

The first leg of our adventure started here in the San Luis Valley. After getting a little local intel on where we might observe some UFO activity, we struck out for the town of Hooper to begin our first night time investigation. We decided to slowly drive eastbound on County Line Road A towards the Great Sand Dunes. As we eased our way down this lonely and desolate road a strange light suddenly materialzed a head of us over the road. It appeared to be roiling or boiling, and was there for only about five seconds before it collapsed back into itself. The strange thing is that I don’t even remember seeing this light. I discovered it a few weeks later after I reviewed the other events that were captured on my 4Sight Dash Cam.

There was another weird light that was captured on my dash cam on that very same stretch of road a couple of days later that I also don’t remember seeing. The name of that video is “Spooklight #2 Caught On Dash Cam In San Luis Valley”, and it can also be viewed here at Creepy Encounters.

As far as I know, I don’t have any memory issues, and yet I remain perplexed as to why I don’t remember these two encounters. And for the record, very little of what the three of us experienced during our paranormal trek into the unknown was ever discussed again after our journey was over. Therefore, I can’t corroborate that they had forgotten this same encounter like I did.

Conversely, I clearly recall other strange experiences and observations we had on that road that were not recorded by any of our devices. It makes me wonder what other experiences we may have had on that dark and lonely stretch of road that were not recorded and also not remembered. Was there a purpose to these episodes of amnesia? If these “blackouts” did indeed occur, it is chilling to speculate about what we may have experienced, and were not permitted to remember, on that dark and lonely road in the Mysterious Valley.