The date is July 13, 2018. I had returned alone at dusk to the intersection of 4000S and 6500E to observe the area around Skinwalker Ranch. I was parked approximately one mile south of the entrance to the ranch. It was only a couple of nights before that my brother and I had a rather dramatic encounter with several light anomalies at this very location that were recorded on my dash cam.

 This night I am shooting video of the entrance to the ranch from my Best Guarder Night Vision Camera. During this recording you will see a red light materialize just west or to the left of the light of the main entrance to the ranch. It appears and disappears so quickly that I chose to freeze the frame in the video for a few seconds, so we could get a better look at this strange light. I could not determine if the red light was elevated above the ground. However, it was my sense that it erupted from the ground itself. I could be wrong, and it may have been at a very low altitude. A few seconds after the red light vanished, the light at the main entrance suddenly and inexplicably became noticeably brighter.

In my experience, lights of that type should remain consistent in their intensity, and not flare up and become brighter. Of course, I don’t know what kind of light it was, and maybe it was operating properly. I have to remember it was stationed at the entrance to Skinwalker Ranch. I still wonder if there was some sort of relationship between the appearance and disappearance of the mysterious red light and the flaring up of the entrance light.

I think it is worthwhile to mention that I did not notice the strange light at the time of the recording. I only discovered it a couple of weeks later after I viewed the footage for the first time.