This is infrared video of mysterious lights that pulse and travel across the floor of the San Luis Valley near the Great Sand Dunes.

 The date was October 23, 2018. I had just arrived in south central Colorado to continue my Creepy Ecounters investigations of the Mysterious Valley. In fact, I had not even checked into my motel room. I decided to head to the same spot on Medano Lane where I had some strange experiences a few months ago at the end of June. My current location is approximately ten miles west of the Great Sand Dunes, and several miles to the east of Hooper, CO. I have arrived in complete darkness, and once again I am witnessing what I would characterize as anomalous light activity in the same area that I saw earlier in the summer. My standard piece of recording equipment is a Best Guarder Night Vision Camera. It is set on the infrared mode, so all of the lights you see appear white in color even though many of the larger lights were orange. There were many pulsating lights on the valley floor as well as in the foothills. My attention is first drawn to a large orange light that is exhibiting this flaring and pulsing type of behavior I have witnessed before on so many occasions. A small white appears to the left of this large orange light, and then travels from left to right into or behind the orange light. Next, a small white light now appears to the right of the orange light and travels from right to left into or behind the orange light and emerges out from behind its left side.

 I will note that these spook lights, balls of plasma, elementals, orbs, whatever you might want to call them when viewed through binoculars, night vision, or infrared they do present themselves as spheres of light. Following are some of the common characteristics I have observed them exhibiting from several visits I have made to this location, I have included some time stamps directing you to some of the interesting “behavior” I observed in this video:

 1. The orange spheres will contain a pulsating bright light inside coupled with a sheet of pulsating light around that bright light. I can’t tell if it is covering the surface or internal structure of the light.

 2. Some spheres contain no pulsating light on the inside, but still have a sheet of light pulsating   around the sphere.

 3. Other spheres are gray in color (remembering that we are still in IR mode), stationary, and at times are difficult to see. They lack the bright white light inside and the sheet of pulsating light that travels around the sphere. A few of these appear to be elevated, but it is difficult to determine their altitude. They may be in the foothills or on the slopes of the mountains themselves.

 4. Note that at time stamp 2:34 that a large orange light (bright white in IR) on the left-hand side of the screen contains two small bright white lights and shortly thereafter flares up.

 5. Small white lights that remain stationary and their intensity never changes.

6. Small white lights that will travel and start interacting with the larger orange lights.

7. Note that at time stamp 4:13 a small white light on the right flares up and then completely disappears.

8. There are times when the large orange lights will also dim down and begin traveling across          the valley floor.

 Being the eternal skeptic, I have to ask myself if these spheres of light are manmade, a product of the unique meteorological conditions of the valley that cause distant lights from cars and streetlights to flare and pulse? The list of possible logical explanations for their existence could become lengthy. I am not quite ready to throw in the towel, and admit they are nothing out of the ordinary. There is something weird going on here. The investigations and search for answers will continue…