Multiple anomalous lights appear across the floor of the San Luis Valley after dark. The lights are various colors, and some are acting very strangely. Are they just the normal lights we see associated with traffic or lights from nearby ranches, towns, and cities? Or was something more mysterious on display here during that cold October night near the Great Sand Dunes?

 The date was October 26, 2018. I was parked on Medano Road, and my location was approximately ten miles west of the Great Sand Dunes. The town of Hooper, CO was several miles to my west. This was my fourth night in a row of investigating the mysterious lights I have been observing in this area of the San Luis Valley. I was looking south of my current location across the valley floor. I recorded the following strangley behaving lights with my Best Guarder Night Vision Camera. Over the past three nights I had seen a dozen or so anomalous lights in this same area, but tonight the number of lights had increased dramatically. I would estimate that there were well over a hundred. They ranged in color from white, green, orange, and red. Also, there was quite a bit of movement and interaction between some of these lights. That activity included odd flashing types of behavior, lights appearing and then suddenly blinking out, lights appearing to be birthed or emerging from another light or groups of lights, and lights traveling very quickly across the landscape to destinations unknown.

 This recording is over seventeen minutes long, and there is a lot going on throughout the video. If you find it tedious to watch videos of this length I would encourage you to fast forward to time stamp 14:00. Here you will see three white lights that appear to be connected to one another with a white light in the middle that is pulsing. All of a sudden you will see two smaller white lights to the left of those three connected white lights very quickly flash on and off. I put this in freeze frame, so that you the viewer can get a better look at these flashing white lights. Very shortly after that the small white light of that pair on the right flashes on and off. I zoomed in to get a closer look at the three larger connected white lights, and you will again see a smaller white light on the left “power up” and brightly flash. After it does this it “powers down”, and very quickly from the left another white light from its left moves alongside the white light that flashed. It gave me the impression that these smaller white lights were “alive” and were possibly communicating with each other in some manner.

I am open minded and yet skeptical about all that I had witnessed concerning these lights of various colors. I would like to think there is a logical reason for their presence. Are they the city lights from Hooper or Alamosa? Lights from local trafffic? The lights from distant ranches that are scattered across the valley floor? I am sure that some of the lights in this video have sources that can be easily explained.

I conducted investigations at this exact location three nights in row, and I saw only about a dozen lights at most in that same area. On the fourth night that same spot lit up like a Christmas tree.

I even find it more difficult to explain what I was observing with the small flashing white lights that were next to the three connected white lights starting at time stamp 14:00. It did remind of an encounter my brother, niece, and I had on that very road only a few months earlier at the end of June. It was around ten o’clock at night, and we were parked on the right side of Medano Road facing east towards the Great Sand Dunes. We had been outside of the vehicle for a while observing the surrounding area and decided to get back in the car and drive further down the road. We were in complete darkness, and before I was able to place my keys in the ignition I saw two white lights quickly flash on and off ahead of us down the road. They were on the left hand side of the road, and it appeared that they were spaced apart much wider than you would see on a car. Maybe the width you might imagine from a semi-trailer truck. They were not as bright as car lights, but dimmed down to a certain degree. They were still easy to see, and both my niece and I saw them blink on and off. My best guess would be that they were between fifty to hundred yards away. We assumed that there was another car parked down the road like we were, and we would see them when we drove past. However, that would not be the case. We proceeded to drive for the next several miles down Medano Road until it came to a dead end at a gate. We saw no other vehicles and did not have any explanations about what could have produced those lights.

I mentioned this encounter because the frequency of the on and then off of those large flashing white lights on the road reminded me of the flashes from those smaller white lights in the video. I felt like we were being observed and in some sense being teased or taunted by those creepy white lights. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the dash cam on at that point. After that we learned that it was wise to leave the dash cam on at all times even when we weren’t in the vehicle. It became quite clear we had to expect the unexpected, and that the watchers themselves were being watched.