It is October 25, 2018. I am again on County Line Road A and approximately ten miles west of the Great Sand Dunes.

My attention has also been drawn to a collection of pulsating lights that have appeared on the floor of the San Luis Valley as well as in the foothills and on the slopes of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains here in south central Colorado. I am facing to the northeast and believe these lights to be several miles northwest of the Great Sand Dunes.

This video is being shot with a Best Guarder Night Vision Camera. It is set on infrared, so all of the lights will appear white even though the majority of them when seen with the naked eye were either orange, green, or white.

A single orange light has caught my attention as it pulses and changes its intensity throughout the video. At one point, this strange orange light reduces its intensity and then travels from right to left of frame and then stops. At that location, it briefly flares up again and dims down to a small point of light. Then if you watch very carefully it will appear to send out a beam of light on a straight line back to its  original location. You may be able to see this more easily if you increase the speed of the video.

You will also notice three flashes of light on the right side of frame that appear to be very close to me. They occur at time stamps 1:21, 1:29, and 1:57. I don’t know what the source is of these three flashes of white light. However, I had many creepy encounters at this very spot and at multiple locations along County Line Road A.

I have spent many nights on this road observing these strange lights. TypicalIy, I would arrive at the location about an hour before the sun set. Just when dusk would settle in, and on almost every night the first light I would see would be a single orange light. It would turn on for about one second and then turn off. It would repeat this frequency of brief on and offs for several minutes and then stay on for longer periods of time as darkness fell. It would usually be in the same general area which appeared to be some distance away from the Great Sand Dunes in a northwesterly direction. Then this single orange light would then remain on for minutes at a time, and then other pulsating orange lights in that same general area would began turning on and off. This would be followed by small white lights that on some evenings would begin moving and interacting with each other. Finally, the last lights that would appear would be green. They would be fewer in number and would not pulse and flare up like the orange lights.

I would like believe there is a logical explanation for the appearance and behavior of these strange lights. Are they the lights from the Baca Grande Subdivision that is just south of Crestone?  Are they vehicles traveling along the roads in the Baca that I am viewing across the many miles of the floor of the valley? It’s possible, but there is something odd about these lights that make me think that there is much more going on here. It is possible they can be be easily explained away as something manmade, a trick of light, or some kind of localized meteorological event that occurs specifically here in the San Luis Valley. Or maybe, there is indeed something strange going on here that warrants further investigation..