Mysterious lights interact with each other on the floor of the San Luis Valley west of The Great Sand Dunes.

The date was July 16, 2018. I left the floor of the San Luis Valley and ascended to about 9000 feet above sea level on the slopes of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains. I was located in the parking lot of the Zapata Falls Recreational Area. The Great Sand Dunes are visible directly to my north at a distance of about three miles.

I had read some articles and books that said that this was a spot where earth lights, spook lights, elementals whatever you what to call them have been known to appear at times.

As darkness fell I started to see some oddly behaving lights appear across the valley floor west of The Great Sand Dunes. I was filming these strangely behaving lights with my Best Guarder Night Vision Camera. The camera was set on the infrared mode. Unfortunately, I had a tripod malfunction, so I apologize for the shakiness of the video. The lights in question are a variety of sizes and intensities. With the naked eye they were white in color just like they have appeared under infrared.

I focused my attention on a cluster of lights (about a dozen) that displayed the most activity. Three of the lights remained stationary, and their intensties did not change during the entire hour and half of my observation, while the remaining lights pulsed, flared, and even disappeared at times. There were some that appeared to interact with each other at times which gave me the sense that they were “alive”.

At time stamp 1:14 you will see an “orb” of some kind zip through the frame from right to left. This was one of several orbs that passed through the frame while I was recording. I will note, that I never saw any orbs with the naked eye.

A couple of the lights seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and then as quickly as they appeared they would dematerialize back into the darkness. Several of the smaller lights would travel across the valley floor. The majority of these would move from right to left across frame. My assumption is that they were moving in a westbound direction away from The Great Sand Dunes. They did not appear to be from a vehicle like a car, truck, motorcycle, four wheeler, etc. Their intensities would change, and were not static or constant like I would expect if a light was   being projected in front of a vehicle.

I spent about an hour and a half in total taking video of these strangely behaving lights. I will note that I returned to this same location a few months later in October 2018 to see if I could take some video that was better stabilized. To my shock and amazement as I gazed across the valley floor at that same area west of The Great Sand Dunes it was completely dark. Not one light of any kind appeared the entire time I was there.