The last time I heard a loud crashing sound in the forest in Wisconsin was on August 12, 2019. That is when my wife and I believe we experienced the attack of a wild turkey by a group of anomalous luminous objects while fishing on the Chippewa River. Since that unnerving encounter I have been setting up static video cameras in that same location where there was evidence of that attack. To my utter shock and surprise I have continued to catch a wide variety of strange manifestations on camera.

It is August 23, 2022 and this day would be no different.

For the first time since that fateful day in 2019 another loud crash occurred that was finally caught on camera. Trees falling in the forest is nothing unusual. I can’t confirm that it was indeed a tree that fell somewhere behind the camera. Only the audio portion was recorded.

However, prior to and minutes after this loud crash anomalous sounds and visual manifestations began to appear behind and in front of the camera.

I positioned a camcorder about sixty feet from the river bank back in the forest. This is the first time I have set up this late in the day. It is about an hour before sunset when a couple of strange sounds appear that remind me of the two tone sonar sounds I used to hear coming from submarines in old World War II movies. Then that loud crash occurs I mentioned earlier in this blog. About three minutes later a group of orbs start to appear at left of frame. A single orb “explodes” into a group of three. At the moment of this separation of orbs you hear a distinct sound. It sounds a lot like the strange sonar like sounds that appeared right before the loud crash behind the camera. Two loud crashes in the woods over the last three years with both possibly having a connection to the appearance of strange phenomena. A mere coincidence? Maybe…Maybe Not…

You can view the footage of this curious video capture here on my website on my “Caught On Camera” page. The title of the video is “Noisy Orbs”.