This paranormal hotspot in northwest Wisconsin continues to manifest a wide variety of anomalies. This video footage was recorded on August 23, 2021. I have only witnessed this anomaly one time after reviewing hundreds of hours of footage. In this video a silver segment of light/energy appears near the darkened trunk of a dead and damaged tree that I refer to as “Scar Tree”. This strange segment or beam of light darts off at a forty-five degree angle towards the upper right of frame into the foliage of some nearby saplings. After contacting the foliage it appears to cross through the foliage from left to right exiting at the far right of frame. Initially,I thought it was a spider web glinting in the sun. However, upon closer inspection I could clearly see that it was much greater in diameter than any spider web I had observed in the past. Also, it was only a single segment of light moving at high speed and in one direction. Reflections off of spider webs tend to course back and forth and change direction quite frequently. The reflections from the webs I have observed over the past three years don’t move at speeds that this single segment of light exhibited. The light segment in question appeared over the ferns which inspired me to give this video the title of “Fern Beam”.You can now view “Fern Beam” here on my website at