Adamantium Skinwalker Ranch

Intersection of 4000S and 6500E (1.15 mi. south of the east entrance to Skinwalker Ranch)
Address: 7459-7499 2250S
Myton, UT 84026

IIn July of 2018, I investigated the area known as the “Southern Vantage” near Skinwalker Ranch. It is approximately one mile south of the east gate to the ranch. A frightening image as well as several light anomalies were captured on my dash and night vision camera.

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State Highway 112 (West of The Great Sand Dunes)

State Highway 112 (West of The Great Sand Dunes)
Address: 60172-61998 E State Highway 112
Hooper, CO 81136″

While investigating a desolate section of State Road 112 (County Line Road A) near Hooper, Colorado in the summer and fall of 2018, I had a number of strange encounters with a variety of anomalous lights that were caught both on dash cam and night vision recording equipment.

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Zapata Falls Recreational Area

Zapata Falls Recreational Area
Address: Great Sand Dunes National Park and
Preserve Colorado 
Zapata Falls Road
Mosca, CO 81146

In July of 2018, I ascended to 9000 feet above sea level to view the floor of the San Luis Valley. My vantage point was from the parking lot of the Zapata Falls Recreational Area. I was just a couple of miles south of The Great Sand Dunes when at dusk unusual lights started to appear just west of the dunes.

West Fork Of The Cedar River

Address: 8134 Buckridge Rd.
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613

It was around 11:00 pm in March of 1981 when my girlfriend and I had a terrifying encounter with “something” on my parents property near the banks of the West Fork of the Cedar River. The property is located approximately ten miles northwest of my home town of Cedar Falls, Iowa. After further research and many years later it is my belief that what we encountered on that cool spring night may have been a dogman.