Caught On Camera

Skinwalker Anomalies Caught On Dash Cam (Edited)

Skinwalker Anomalies Caught On Dashcam (Unedited)

Chippewa River Encounter (Edit #2)

The Tendril Entity

Double Dash Organisms

The Bat Chevron Entity

The Silver Dart

“Quick Strike” Return Of The Tendril Entity

The Haunted Oak

When Entities Collide

Disappearing Dash Organisms

Chippewa River Encounter (Unedited)

The Chevron Entity

Return Of The Yellow Chevron Entity

The Zip Morph Entity

The Brown Chevron Entity

The Smoky Mountain Orb

The Fuzz Fairy

Entity Flies Through Solid Tree Trunk

Chippewa River Encounter (Walk To The Attack Site)

The White Orb

Red Light At Skinwalker Ranch

Multiple Anomalous Lights San Luis Valley

Spook Light On Desolate Road San Luis Valley

Spooklight #2 Caught On Dash Cam In The San Luis Valley

Anomalous Lights Near The Great Sand Dunes

Strange Lights In The Mysterious Valley

Mysterious Lights Of The San Luis Valley

San Luis Valley Anomalous Lights

Light Anomaly San Luis Valley