In the summer of 2018, I embarked on a journey with my brother and niece, to investigate three well known “paranormal hotspots” in the western United States. Not new to experiencing some baffling encounters throughout my life, I was shocked and amazed, when we had several eerie, and odd interactions during that trip. Many of those anomalous events, were captured on different types of recording equipment. For a variety of reasons, I believe it is important to share these encounters with open-minded individuals, who have a genuine interest in investigating these earth mysteries. Sharing this information is the reason why the Creepy Encounters website was created.

My contribution will only be a small portion, of what is a much larger, and extremely complicated paranormal puzzle. I will be conducting future investigations in the field, and will add video, images, and additional content that I believe you will find useful, as we continue to try to unravel the mystery, surrounding these odd occurrences. I would like to think, that I approach everyone of these situations with a healthy dose of skepticism, and yet I am open to the fact, that not everything can be easily explained away. My wish is that I will ignite your curiosity, as we travel down that fog shrouded road, that is littered with riddles and conundrums, in the hope that one day, we may truly find the answers about who, or what is behind these Creepy Encounters.

Jay Bradley

Jay Bradley

After seeing his first UFO at the age of ten in Waterloo, Iowa, Jay Bradley has experienced an odd assortment of strange occurrences, throughout his life. Those series of weird events, only deepened his curiosity, into conducting his own investigations, into that murky world of Forteana. With an undergraduate degree in entomology from Iowa State University, he carved out a career in the pest control, and chemical industries for nearly three decades. An avid hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman, he changed gears in 2015, and started his own business as a fishing guide in East Tennessee called River Smallie Adventures.

Bradley had what he believed to be a dogman encounter in 1981, in his home state of Iowa. With that disturbing experience long past, but not far from his mind, he continues to pursue this terrifying cryptid as Alabama state representative for the North American Dogman Project. He continues to make trips into the field, to investigate regions of the country, that harbor these hidden, and perplexing mysteries, with the intention of recording, and sharing those anomalous experiences on his Creepy Encounters website, created in 2019.