The paranormal hotspot along the banks of the Chippewa River in Wisconsin continues to produce a variety of strange phenomena. On Sept. 22, 2021 I captured footage of an object that was white in color that slowly descended from the top of frame and disappeared behind the ground cover on the east bank of the Chippewa River. A few seconds later and what I now refer to as “The Ghost Tendril Entity” rose up from that same location and ascended into the branches of some saplings. It coursed its way through the leaves before drifting across the center of frame from right to left and then out of sight. The object has two arms/tendrils that wave and contract in a very unusual manner. The tendrils are attached to what appear to be a body with a slightly enlarged area where you might imagine a head would be located. The object appeared in the same spot where I caught “The Tendril Entity” on camera in August 2020. I have included the footage of “The Tendril Entity” in this new video for comparison purposes. Is it a coincidence that both entities appeared in the same location and share the same number of what might be referred to as tendrils? Are they somehow related? You can review the footage of “The Ghost Tendril Entity” here on my website on my “Caught On Camera” page.