It was October 24, 2018. I have returned to the San Luis Valley to continue my investigation of this paranormal hotspot.

 Once again, I made my way back to Medano Lane which is a few miles east of Hooper, Colorado and about ten miles west of the Great Sand Dunes. This stretch of road produced a number of creepy encounters during my visit in July, so I decided to return in the fall to continue my research. The night was chilly with the temperatures in the mid-forties, and it was absolutely dead calm. It was not foggy, and that roaring silence that the valley is so well known for made me feel a bit uneasy as I was flying solo on this night.

 As I did in the summer, I observed numerous orange and white lights pulsing on the valley floor. However, this night would be different even though I was not aware of it at the time. After reviewing the footage from my Best Guarder Night Vision Monocular I noticed that there were instances where curtains and flashes of light were occurring close to my proximity. They presented themselves several times during the video. Some were more prominent, and I made mention of their presence during the video while others were fleeting and not as bright.

I have made numerous and lengthy videos in the past that were shot from this very location and other areas from around the valley, but this was the only time these anomalous swaths and flashes of light made their appearance. As I mentioned earlier, it was absolutely dead calm, and it was clear with no fog. I am currently at a loss as to what was manifesting itself so close to me. I was in IR mode on my camera. I had not been there in the fall before, and I wonder if it had something to do with the local climatic conditions at the time.

I shot several more videos over a period of days from that very spot with weather conditions that were almost identical, and yet none of those videos included those types of anomalous lights. Maybe, it was just a one-off, but one-off’s are there for a reason. In fact, this whole field is full of one-off’s which deepens the mystery as to what is really going on out there?