Mysterious and strangely behaving lights appear on the floor of the San Luis Valley near the Great Sand Dunes.

 This is one of several pieces of video I was able to record on the night of October 26, 2018 of some anomalous lights on the floor of the San Luis Valley.

This was my fourth night in a row of conducting investigations along this lonely stretch of Medano Road. My location was approximately ten miles west of the Great Sand Dunes and several miles east of the town of Hooper, CO. The lights in question were recorded on my Best Guarder Night Vision Camera. It was set on the infrared mode making all of the lights that appear in the video appear white in color.

I was particularly interested in an orange colored light that is moving from left to right across the frame. As it makes its journey along the valley floor it then reduces its intensity to a mere point of light. I adjusted the camera to catch up with it, and then it appeared to project a beam of light forward of its direction of travel. Is this a vehicle of some sort, and was I looking at its headlights after they became visible for a brief period of time? Maybe, but I don’t know of any cars that produce orange light from their head and or even their tail lights. I would like to think that there is a logical explanation for this lights intensity to change so dramatically, yet I can’t seem to come up with anything that makes sense.

There are other pulsating lights in frame. The largest lights are orange in color, and yet they remain stationary, unlike the orange light that is on the move. I have observed these large orange lights on numerous occasions. They are the first lights to “turn on” at dusk and begin their pulsating behavior in the area north and northwest of the Great Sand Dunes. When first seen there is usually only a single orange light that will stay on for a few seconds and disappear. As the remaining light of day starts to fade away other large orange lights will begin to appear and behave just like that first “sentry” orange light. Once darkness falls the large orange lights will stay on for longer periods of time before disappearing. They will continue to repeat this on/off cycle for long periods of time. This is typically followed by the emergence of small white lights in the vicinity of the orange lights. The white lights follow a similar pattern of appearance. One will become visible and disappear after a few seconds. Then two will appear and disappear. You get the gist, but on one night a few months earlier at the end of June 2018, I observed dozens of these lights leave the floor of the valley and begin to swirl and dance just to the right of one of these large orange lights. It appeared that they were moving within some sort of white fog. It was a spectacular sight and quite the performance.

Why no video? Unfortunately, this occurred on the very first night of our investigation of the San Luis Valley. I thought if we see one odd light in the sky during our stay I would deem our trip a success. Therefore, I didn’t see the need to bring my night vision camera along on our first skywatch. I can promise you after that I made sure I brought all of my gear loaded with fresh and recharged batteries. I recorded a lot of interesting video in that area, but nothing like that swirling mass of white lights encased in that fog. I wish I could get that one back.