This is Jay Bradley with Creepy Encounters. Following is the edited version of the “Chippewa River Encounter” that occurred on August 12, 2019. It is early in the afternoon and my wife and I are fishing on the Chippewa River in Rusk County Wisconsin. The view you see here in this video is the woodline along the eastern bank of the river. We were anchored about 60 feet away from the bank when all of a sudden a loud commotion erupted in the woods downstream from our position about thirty yards away. The red arrow points to the spot where this disturbing commotion occurred. It sounded like large limbs were being broken coupled with a loud thrashing sound. As the loud thrashing sound subsided there was a distinctive cry of a wild turkey in distress in that same general area. The entire episode only lasted about twenty seconds. Immediately after the disturbance the woods and the area near the boat became completely silent. I looked at my wife and told her “that in all the years I have been hunting and fishing I have never heard anything like that before in the outdoors”. That prompted me to grab my Iphone 7+ and begin shooting footage of the area where the sound emanated from near the river bank to see if I could catch something on camera. While I was shooting the footage all I could see were “small white spots that were appearing and then disappearing amongst the foliage along the river bank. I thought maybe I was seeing the tail and or the antlers of a white-tailed deer buck through the foliage and that possibly he was violently rubbing his rack on some saplings and making scrapes.You hear me raise that very question during the original unedited video that only lasts one minute and twenty-six seconds. However, I knew in my gut that something very unusual had just occurred. It sounded like the turkey had been attacked by some kind of predator. With this in mind I decided to ease myself out of the boat and I began to wade in the knee deep water of the Chip to the shore to get a closer look at the area where the attack had taken place. As I walked up the bank I was running through my mind the type of predators that could take down what I assumed to be an adult turkey in this part of northwestern Wisconsin. The only apex predators that came to mind were a wolf, black bear, bobcat, and cougar. Cougar sightings had been confirmed in the area over the past several years and even with that in mind I believed it was very unlikely that any of these predators would attack me. My wife was not thrilled with this decision, but I was bound and determined to find out what caused the attack. Little did I know that I was going to investigate a spot where a possible predator that was not made of bone, fur, or flesh had attacked a wild turkey. I make that unusual statement based on what I saw when I reviewed the footage later that night. The footage revealed that there was a lot of strange activity occurring in or around the spot where I believe the attack had taken place.There were a series of luminous white or silver-colored objects a few inches in diameter that were airborne and travelling at a very high rate of speed. These small luminous objects were at times appearing to enter and leave a boiling or flashing “luminous mass” on the forest floor. The red arrow denotes the spot where this “luminous mass” was located a few feet inside the woodline. These same objects appeared to possibly enter and leave a circular luminous stationary object elevated in the forest canopy above the same spot where the turkey was attacked. The red arrow in the far upper right of frame shows where this stationary luminous light was located. Also, you will notice at certain times a luminous entity appears to move horizontally through the foliage like it was some sort of living luminous liquid. There is a lot going on in the following video. Several of the objects that you see were moving so quickly during the original unedited version that I was not able to detect them until I slowed down the video and watched it frame by frame. Please bear with me as I walk you through what I have observed after analyzing it a countless number of times.

4:13-4:47  “Living Luminous Liquid” moves from left to right into the “Periscope”.

4:48-5:14   In upper right of frame a “Dash Orb” descends from the canopy above the location where I believe the turkey was attacked. With blinding speed it darts at a  forty-five degree angle and disappears into the undergrowth on the forest floor.

5:16-5:40  At the location where the dash orb disappears there is an immediate response to its arrival from “ some thing” that I now call the “Luminous Mass”. You will notice that the luminous mass appears to be flashing or “boiling” back in the undergrowth on the forest floor.

5:41-5:47  The red arrow designates the spot where the turkey was attacked.

5:48-5:52  A leafless sapling on the forest floor is forced towards the ground by some force and then snaps vertically back into place. If you look very carefully and watch the video frame by frame you will see a brief flash above and to the left of the tip of the red arrow. This is followed by another brief flash of light up and to the left of the red arrow as the sapling is forced down and returns to its original and upright position. At the same time you will see the luminous mass flashing.

5:55-6:08  “Luminous Mass” flashes again.

6:09-6:53  What is known in some Fortean circles as a “rod” appears from the corner in the upper left of frame. It travels at an extremely high rate of speed and disappears at the base of an oak tree at the far right of frame. This was not the only time I noticed these objects quickly passing across frame. Some may have been insects crossing the field of view close to the camera but others appeared to be further away from the camera and were traversing the scene is less than a half a second.

6:54-7:03  As soon as the “rod” disappeared at the base of the oak tree coincidentally the luminous mass starts to flash again. Was this a response to the “fly by of the rod? Was there some sort of relationship between the luminous mass with the presence of the rod as well as the dash orb(s)? Were both of the dash orbs that you will see later in the video as well as the rod and the other fast moving objects in the video working in concert with each other to attack and remove the turkey from the scene?

7:14-7:22 The “Living Luminous Liquid” moves from left to right into the Periscope. It then travels in a clockwise manner inside the Periscope and disappears.

7:23-7:46  Two dash orbs move from left to right and disappear into the forest over the spot where the turkey was attacked as indicated by the red arrows. They moving so quickly that I recommend that they be analyzed frame by frame.

7:47-7:56  Another dash orb exits the area in the undergrowth where the luminous  mass is located. It travels quickly at a forty-five degree angle up and to the right towards a “Stationary Luminous Object” in the canopy as indicated by the red arrow.

7:57-8:08  Upper right of frame another dash orb moves relatively slowly from left to right. It appears that it may have originated the area where the stationary luminous object was located in the canopy.

8:09-8:15 Another dash orb descends from the canopy in the area where the stationary luminous object was located and darts into the undergrowth where the luminous mass is located.

8:16-8:18 This is a screenshot of the stationary luminous object. When you view the  original unedited video at time stamp 1:15 you will see as many as five lights  that look like the luminous stationary object near the end of the video as the camera quickly pans to the right. They are dificult to see due to the blurriness of the video at that point but they are all in the canopy and look very similar in appearance to the stationary luminous object.

8:19-8:39  A dash orb exits the area where I believe the turkey was attacked. I froze the image when it was about to disappear into the forest to mention that when you watch the original unedited video at this point frame by frame you will see another dash orb emerge from the forest on the left and intersect this dash orb before they both disappear into the forest.

8:39-12:08  This concludes the edited video of the Chippewa River Encounter. As I mentioned earlier, that after I shot the video I jumped out of the boat and waded to the bank to get a closer look at the location where I heard the distress cry from the turkey. I walked down the edge of the tree line and back into the woods where I heard the commotion and not to my surprise I found an area where the ferns and other vegetation had been completely flattened down. Again not to my surprise the disturbed area contained feathers from a wild turkey. This screenshot shows you some of the feathers I found on the forest floor in the disturbed location where it appears the attack occurred. The feathers were from various parts of the

turkey. There was no blood of any kind in or around the scene of the attack. I spent several minutes combing the area to see if I could find the turkey or any sign of it having been dragged off into the woods but found nothing. I had the uneasy feeling that I was being watched, but brushed that off as my imagination getting the best of me knowing that a predator of some size only minutes before may have attacked a wild turkey and could be hiding in the dense vegetation extremely close to me on the forest floor. However, I did not know at the time that some kind of strange combination of luminous objects or entities may have been responsible for the attack. As I mentioned in the introduction, I did not recognize these anomalous predatory objects for what they were at the time I shot the video. It was only when I reviewed the footage later that night that I saw these bizarre and strangely behaving objects in and around the site of the attack.

I have shown the edited video first, so the viewer can get their bearings and know that several of these luminous objects that appear are moving extremely fast and are far enough away that they may be difficult to see on the unedited video. Also, there were other “dash orbs” on this edited video that I noticed when I watched it frame by frame that I did not mention because they entered end exited the scene so quickly that I did not want it to become tedious and monotonous to watch.  However, I would suggest you watch the unedited video frame by frame to see these objects that are travelling at a very high rate of speed.

The next video that I will put on Creepy Encounters will be the unedited footage that was taken moments after the attack.

Following that will be a video of my walk a long the river bank to the site where I first

discovered the aftermath of the attack. There were also luminous objects in the woods that I did not notice during that short walk along the tree line to the spot where I happened upon the flattened vegetation littered with wild turkey feathers. It is hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that there may be a colony of luminous predatory objects that haunt the forests of northwestern Wisconsin that are capable of killing a wild turkey. If so, could they kill and make disappear larger prey like a human being? Is it possible that these luminous predatory objects are not just restricted to the forests of  northwestern Wisconsin and could be found in other forested areas throughout the U.S.? That makes me wonder if there is a possible connection between the presence  of these luminous entities and the documented mysterious disappearances of people in our state and national forests. Something to think about…