A fast flying luminous object is caught on camera at this paranormal hotspot in Wisconsin. As it manifests and quickly disappears in center of frame it makes a strange sound. The object in question is apparently flying at an extremely high speed. It first appears in the upper right of frame as a small dark colored anomaly for one frame. The object continues in a west bound direction toward the Chippewa River. It briefly appears in front of the “Haunted Oak” for one frame as a “luminous orb” and is gone from view in a flash. Due to its apparent high speed and flight path I assume it traveled behind the foliage along the river bank and out of sight. This is one of several luminous flying objects, energies, entities, etc. that I have footage of that are accompanied by odd sounds. They don’t appear to be part of the native fauna that I am familiar with in the woodlands of northwest Wisconsin. The title of the video is “Acoustic Luminous Anomaly”.